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D.o.b. 13th March 1957. Height: 5' 11". Hair: brown. Eyes: green. Build: slim. Origin: England. Background: London. page for Showreel & Voice samples



NO TIME TO DIE (feature) Spectre Agent, Cary Joji Fukunaga, 2019

WONDER WOMAN 1984 (feature) Janitor, Patty Jenkins, 2018

P3ACE (short) The Doll Maker, Shida Ciao, 2018

HEX (feature) De Rais, Rudolf Buitendach, Hex Films Ltd, 2017

THE CURRENT WAR (feature) Schwab, Alfonzo Gomez-Rejon, 2017

MISS PEREGRINE"S HOME FOR PEC ULIAR CHILDREN (feature) Mr. Archer, Tim Burton, 2015

THE HOARDER (feature) Jeffrey, Matt Winn, Sunny Day Media, 2014

CARING FOR THE RECENTLY DECEASED (feature) Glynn, Henry Davies, Stick & Rudder Films, 2014

LES MISERABLES (feature) Paris Beggar, Tom Hooper, Working Title Films, 2012

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (feature) Cook Giant, Bryan Singer, Warner Brothers, 2011

JOHN CARTER (feature) Thern 1, Andrew Stanton, Disney, 2010

BIBLIOTHEQUE PASCAL (feature) Snake, Szabolcs Hajdu, Katapult Filmpartners, 2008

THE WOLFMAN (feature) Asylum Inmate, Joe Johnston, Universal, 2008

SWEENEY TODD (feature) Mr Fogg, Tim Burton, Warner Brothers, 2007

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (feature) Slugworth, Tim Burton, Warner Brothers, 2004

THE SERETIDE PROMISE (corporate) The Asthma Demon, Nick Slater, GlaxoSmithKline, 2003

BACTERIA BITES (corporate) The Filthy Chef, Jack Price, Food Standards Agency, 2003

EXPIRY DATE (Short) Spooky Waiter, Rudolf Buitendach, 2002

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO (feature) Horace, Michael Anderson, Carousel, 1999

JOAN OF ARC (feature) English Judge, Luc Besson, Gaumont, 1998

THE ACCIDENTAL CONSPIRACY (short) The Film Editor, Andy Lambert, 1998



WASTED (Angel Eye Media for E4) Guardian, Tom Marshall, 2016

TABOO (BBC) Auctioneer, Kristoffer Nyholm, 2015

THE CROWN (Netflix) Embalmer 1, Stephen Daldry, 2015

GAME OF THRONES (HBO) Elder Slave 1, Michelle MacLaren, 2013

THE COLOUR OF MAGIC (Sky) Astrozoologist 1, Rabble Rouser, Vadim Jean, 2007

CASUALTY (BBC) The Bird Man, Ian Barnes, 2006

THE SOUTH SEA BUBBLE (Ch 4) Alexander Pope, Mary Crisp, 2000

MCCALLUM (STV) Mr Andrews, Peter Smith, 1998

JULIA JEKYLL AND HARRIET HYDE (BBC) Mr Slime, Jeremy Swan, 2 x series 1995, '96

THE 10%ERS (ITV) Charles the Weatherman, Ed Bye, Grant Naylor Productions, 1995

NOEL’S HOUSE PARTY (BBC) Comedy sketches plus Actor in the ‘Gotcha’ team, Guy Freeman, 1994



MY BLUE WEDDING by Marks & Gran (BBC Radio 4) Father Dingle, Indigo, Perse. Prod: Liz Anstee, 2007

KING STREET JUNIOR REVISITED by Jim Eldridge (BBC Radio 4) Mr Adams, Prod: John Fawcett Wilson, 2003

DIRECT LINE 2x Commercials, 2001

ZOE BALL BREAKFAST SHOW (BBC Radio 1) Man from the Council, live jape, 2000

KING STREET JUNIOR by Jim Eldridge (BBC Radio 4) Traffic Warden, Prod: John Fawcett Wilson, 1996



THE GIFT by Eamon McDonnell, Callum, Greenwich Playhouse, Dimitry Devdariani, 2009

SAFE HOUSE by Eamon McDonnell, Johnnie, Soho Theatre, Jonathan Dunstan, 2006 (Photo's)

SALLY FACES UP by David Elliot Brown, Eddie, Soho Theatre, Sharon Backer, 2005 (Photo's)

LEAR by Helena Thompson, Lear, Camden People’s Theatre, Patrick Nielson, 2002

GLAD RAGS Variety show, As Kenneth Williams in sketches by Peter Cook, Galton & Simpson, Savoy Theatre, Debra Shaw, 1996

COMING OF AGE by Mark Keegan, Bookworm, Moonshot, Duke of Cambridge, Bob Grove, 1992





Narrator/storyteller with jazz group Georges Kaplan Presents

Resident host & performer, The Poet’s Kitchen, Maidenhead, 2004/05.

Various London cabaret/poetry venues. (Find out more about the Poetry).



Native London, RP, many regional accents of Britain, Ireland, North and South, American (various), many European and other countries.



Good vocal dexterity - many different voices and impressions (For voice demo CD contact me).

Character singing, show tunes and some pop experience (mid vocal range).



Improvisation, Dance, Movement and Mime.

BA (hons) degree in Illustration from St. Martin’s School Of Art, painting/cartoons/design. See Art

Writing – Drama, Poetry, Prose.


Driving licence.