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Jack The Giant Slayer, feature film. My motion capture alter-ego: the Cook Giant. Released, March 2013.

(Below) Safe House by Eamon McDonnell, performed in the Player Playwrights' showcase 2006 at the Soho Theatre, London. Photographer MANDY GASSON.

The play opens in a hospital – the safe house of the title, with Johnnie Otheringshaw an alcoholic down-and-out aged 49; then spins us back to ages 19 and 10. Chris Prior plays Marvin, the doctor in charge (and sometimes, through Johnnie's confused perception, a fellow alcoholic), and also Brian, Johnnie's violent, ex-soldier father. Sarah Turnbull is Ruth the nurse, and also Priscilla, Johnnie's girlfriend and wife.

Stills advertising: Anthisan sting relief spray. Photographer COLIN THOMAS.

Co-op TV commercial – for fresh garlic. The commercial accurately recreates a moment from the silent classic film Nosferatu; but in this case just as I'm about to bite her, the beautiful girl who has evidently been eating garlic, breathes on me and I'm off! Photo by DANIEL PARKER, prosthetic makeup artist.

These two shots for the folio of photographer RICHARD BRADBURY.

Publicity shot (far left) and two still-frames from the trail for the projected feature, Finn MacCool. I'm chief baddie, Goll MacMorna. With Cian O Murchu as Finn.

Double page advert for VW. Caption reads: "John O'Reilly, Fleet Manager, Bristol, doesn't include Volkswagen on his list".

That's a lot of pencils.

Advert for DVLA's sale of number plates. Pictured with bodybuilder Simona Evans shortly before she killed me. Photographer BILL PRENTICE.

Having successfully avoided various obstacles: a banana skin, a rake, a roller-skate and a bear-trap, I will get squashed by a falling 10 ton weight. How dangerous are the streets of Britain?! Britcom BBC promo to sell comedy shows in Europe (note Union Jack socks!) Location photo's kindly supplied by Bernard R. Bligh, onlooker and street resident.

(Below) Sally Faces Up by the late David Elliot Brown, performed in the Player Playwrights' Showcase 2005 at the Soho Theatre. The play is a two-hander; I'm Eddie the psychic tramp, and Sally, a runaway, is played by Hannah Kelly.

For the folio of photographer Liam Kennedy, and used by his kind permission on the front of my poetry book Small Change. (See Poetry)

Slippage by PAUL HODGSON, 2006

Paul Hodgson makes photographs inspired by paintings. This image derives from the combination of a painting of 1st World War generals and a documentary photo from the same period where a horse has collapsed in the street. Paul created his version of the street scene in a studio. I'm tending the horse (– a live creature named Imperator – one of the Lloyds Bank commercials' horses) while military persons look on. The building behind is the Foreign Office. This, as a huge wall-sized print, was one of a group of works by Paul commemorating the Battle of the Somme, and was displayed at the Imperial War Museum, London.

I don't regard myself as an animal lover especially and I was a little nervous at the prospect of working with something as large and unpredictable as a horse; but at the end of the day after the extraordinary experience of being with this beautiful creature I felt quite euphoric – and honoured too.

I Don't Wanna Know music video, 1998

First there was The Beatles, then The Rutles, and then The Butlers – a spoof created for a music video for the song I Don't Wanna Know, by Julian Lennon.

I play John – er, 'Ken'! The video presents a comedic potted history of the super group – and as a little kid who pretended to be a Beatle in primary school, this was one of the most fun jobs I've ever had – sheer bliss in fact!

The early days in black and white; then in colour, suffering (or benefitting) from the effects of Lapsang Souchong Darjeeling - geddit?!

I found myself next to Julian in makeup and rashly introduced myself with the greeting: Hello, I'm playing your dad. I can report that Mr Lennon was a completely lovely person; he didn't punch me. Later that afternoon the wardrobe lady, quite by chance, met Sean Lennon down the road at Portobello market and brought him along to the shoot. A magical day.

ASTRID SCHULZ is an imaginative photographer who creates surprising and funny images. These are all pictures shot for her folio. Picture 1 is from a series with different models adorned in various foods. 2, a project to teach Photoshop techniques. 3 from a series called Cleaning Up. All the clothes were made by Asrid from cleaning products. 4 – 10 are from a series called Magic Man, commissioned by Davenports Magic shop in the Underground Arcade, Charing Cross Tube station in London, 2012. Astrid's website

The Gift by Eamon McDonnell, performed at the Greenwich Playhouse, 2009. An extraordinary play set in Ireland about love, friendship and responsibility. I play Callum an Ulsterman, Christopher Prior as Ned a farmer, Georgina Bryce as Brid his wife, and Victoria Johnston as Connie a Belfast mother. Photographer ALEXANDER WAGNER.

Georges Kaplan Presents... is the name of a jazz combo: Dan Strange alto sax, Stephan Barrett keyboard. I have appeared with them performing narratives about the adventures of the mysterious Georges. These pictures taken at Undersolo in Camden, London, 12th October 2011. Music & narrative on the GKP website

Inspired by police photos from the 1920s, photographer ANDREW BAINBRIDGE created this series. 2012. Andrew's website